The dollars you raise support
people affected by breast cancer

It's amazing what we can do
when birds of a feather flock together

When it seems there’s nowhere else to turn, the Cindy Mackenzie Breast Cancer Program offers advice, support and care for those diagnosed with breast cancer on the Sunshine Coast. Anyone can apply for assistance by simply phoning, filling in our online webform or asking their breast care nurse to contact us on their behalf.  

With your support, someone diagnosed with breast cancer on the Sunshine Coast has the support they need to focus on the things that matter most.

By registering or donating today, you can help provide personalised support for individuals and families. You can help more people like Sandra and Tracey.

Because of incredible people like you, Sandra received the emotional and financial support she needed to get herself and her family through their cancer journey.

Cancer had taken so much from Tracey, but through the generosity of the local community she had the support she needed to focus on what matters most.

Thank you Ben from Oxigeno Film & TV for creating our wonderful story videos